This page has been neglected. It is my intention to update it by March 1, 2020. In my family there have been two additional marriages and I have two more grandsons, making a total of six grandkids, with the boys leading 4-2. (In May 2020, it'll become 5-2.)

(I have put my efforts into the Christmas letters and ignored this page.)

Volker and Marion

My German son Volker married Marion Kirchner on July 8, 2005, in Braunschweig, Germany. My grandson Alexander was born June 7, 2011.

Dave and Jen

My son Dave married Jen Bailey on August 20, 2016, in Malibu, CA. My grandson Lucas was born December 1, 2017.

Cathy and Kirk

Victoria Rose at 2 Hours Tori at Thanksgiving 2010: Almost 4 Tori at the Pumpkin Patch, Oct 19, 2011: Almost 5On August 30, 2003, Cathy and Kirk were married in Valencia. Their wedding Web site is still active. On January 18, 2007, they welcomed Victoria Rose into this world. Tori is our second grandchild. In the last week of 2010, Cathy and Kirk separated and she and Tori have been living with us since. Their divorce was final in late December 2011. 

Brian and Marion

Lucie at 19 days Lucie at Thanksgiving 2010: Almost 4 Lucie on the twins' birthday: Almost 5On December 30, 2004, Brian and Marion were married in La Jolla. They moved to San Francisco soon afterwards and are now living in Berkeley. On January 1, 2007, Lucia Marlena—our first grandchild—was born. Lucie has her own blog—clearly she is a prodigious and busy child. Check it out:!


Nicky and Jamie at 9 daysNicky and Jamie at 1Then, on September 24, 2009, Marion gave birth to twins Nicky and Jamie. Anticipating this life-changing event, Omi Christine had flown over from Germany in advance to be present at the birth and to help out afterwards. We came up to visit soon afterward as well, and Opi Klaus followed to see his newest grandchildren.

The three children are being raised bilingually. Brian speaks in English to them and Marion uses German exclusively. Lucie, now fluent in German, instinctively knows which language to speak with which person, although she has been known to combine them, "Mommy, Tori hat Nicky gecarried!" she once complained to Marion. At four she began to read and now devours books in both German and English.

Brian is working for Adobe. Until Lucie was born, Marion was taking graphics design courses at the Academy of Art. After a one-year hiatus away from school, Marion returned to the Academy to resume courses in September 2008. After the twins' birth, she reduced her class load. Her persistence paid off: she graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree just before Christmas 2011.

Their meeting is the stuff of legend. Brian had worked at Intuit in San Diego after graduating from UCSD in 1993 with a B.S. in Computer Science. After the dot-com boom yielded him a tidy sum in stock options, he decided to pack it in.

In March 2002, I drove him to LAX and he boarded a plane that would deposit him in Lisbon. With only a 28-pound backpack to burden him, he set off to explore the world. He documented this journey by posting dispatches along the way comprised of text and photos. He and I met up in Freiburg, Germany, a few months after he left, and we traveled together for a few weeks, seeing sights in Germany, France, and Switzerland.

Six months later, he had visited most countries in Europe, from Nordkapp, the northernmost point on the continent, to Gibraltar, which he passed through en route to Africa, on a trip that changed his life.

He had joined the west African tour in London. This was a 14-week journey that would end just before Christmas in the Cameroon. The 28 or so participants would often camp near sand dunes—there were no five-star hotels. They purchased food in local villages, shared stories, and created relationships. Each day cooking responsibilities rotated among teams of two. Brian was paired up with Marion, a young lady his age from Munich. Their relationship grew slowly, but when the tour ended on December 20, love began to blossom and they continued east through Africa, spending Christmas in Kenya.

Back home we vicariously followed Brian's adventures. One of his early dispatches from the African trip states, "We were all responsible for our own tents, but meals were to be prepared by two person teams according to a rotating schedule. Marion, a young German girl with short, dark hair, agreed to team up with me."

By the time he proposed to Marion, in London, in mid-2004, they had come to know each other well. Her family is very close. Although she is now a continent and ten thousand kilometers from her parents, they talk frequently and she sees them a couple times a year, either here in California or in Bavaria.

Today their life is busy and fulfilled. Marion had obtained a sociology degree from the University of Munich, and in late 2011, while caring for three young children, she completed work on a graphic design degree. She now works part time as a graphic designer, providing a fulfilling respite from her domestic responsibilities.

Brian's Web design skills are in great demand, and Craig's list brought him and Macromedia (subsequently acquired by Adobe) together when they chose to move from San Diego to San Francisco. On September 28, 2005, he wrote in an email, "The thought that has continually crossed my mind in the last three weeks is … it’s good to be in Silicon Valley."

A year after Lucie's birth, they moved from the City to Berkeley into a house with a back yard and lots of space for Lucie, and now the twins, to play.