Christmas 1992

Holiday greetings!

Greetings of the season!

What a year it has been—a real roller-coaster ride at times! We got the girls graduated from college, Cathy in June with a B.A. in Sociology with a Business Emphasis and a Specialization in Computing (what a mouthful!), Jenny in May with a B.A. in History. Both girls are gainfully employed and we are grateful not to be writing the monthly checks. Cathy, still pursuing her dream of joining the LAPD, has jumped through almost all of the preliminary hoops except the medical, but she feels that will fall into place shortly after the beginning of the year. Jenny decided to work for a couple years or so before tackling graduate school and is an admission counselor for the University of Dallas. She travels to Colorado, Chicago, Maryland, California, and all over Texas drumming up business among soon-to-be-graduated high school students. Larry, David and I joined her for her graduation in Dallas, an event considerably dampened by a Texas-sized downpour. The graduates removed shoes to wade through the rivers flowing across campus, but seemed pretty happy despite the weather. Jenny flew out here for Cathy’s graduation, so we all got to be together for a few days—hence the Christmas picture ensemble.

Brian’s academic career encountered some obstacles in the spring following an accident at the beach. He had skin grafts to repair a third-degree burn on his ankle; he stepped into a firepit one night while stargazing and his shoe caught fire and melted. It was truly nasty, but he was only in the hospital for a day and then home to recuperate for two weeks. He returned to class on crutches and managed to salvage the academic quarter with pretty decent grades, considering. Like a lot of teenagers, he found no work this summer, though he chased some rumors of jobs for much of the vacation. He’s back at UC San Diego, now majoring in Computer Science and earning pocket money as a referee for the intramural football program.

David finished elementary school and is enjoying being in junior high. His backpack weighs almost as much as he does but we’re sure carrying all those books is character- if not muscle-building. His club soccer team keeps him busy and their record is pretty good: a first and a second in tournament play and they took first in league this season. I find it somewhat disconcerting to have a seventh-grader at home while I’m teaching the same age group; some days I forget and send him to the office for mouthing off!

Larry has just joined the ranks of the unemployed since his Litton Aero Products contract ran out this month, after more than two years in Moorpark. He has a couple of short-term possibilities that might materialize after the first of the year, but meanwhile he’s enjoying a much-needed vacation—and sleeping late while I struggle out of bed to go to work these cold, dark mornings! He got to go to the Comdex computer exhibition in Las Vegas last month to see what’s new in equipment—acres and acres worth of stuff!

I’m working on an educational administration credential, for some reason which I no longer remember but I’m sure it had some logic once. I hope to finish in August, and then I’ll really never go to school again. I didn’t teach summer school this year and it helped my sanity tremendously.

The summer was punctuated by a series of domestic disasters, starting with a major gas leak which led to a flood downstairs (the gas company repairman forgot to reconnect the washing machine). Half the downstairs had three inches of standing water; we had to replace carpet and ceramic tile (they “popped” up), remove, plane and repaint doors, re-glue wallpaper, etc. Expensive mistake for the gas company. We had a big project already underway, with bookshelves being put in upstairs, so the workmen were shoulder-to-shoulder all summer. Despite the upheaval, we got to do a little traveling up the coast (Hearst Castle and the Monterey Bay Aquarium), some camping at the beach and attended Larry’s 35th high school reunion. There were mostly old folks there.

The clan will gather here Christmas Day so we’ll have a houseful again. Jenny arrived the 19th from Dallas; Cathy will work most of the week and drive out Christmas morning to see if Santa still knows her address. We hope you’ll have a wonderful holiday, and that 1993 finds you healthy, prosperous and happy!