Christmas 1991

Holiday greetings!

With the three oldest kids off at college, David seems to receive the lion’s share of attention and blame — an unenviable position to be in. The whole family will be together this Christmas for the first time in a year, and I expect the phone and washer will feel the effects.

Cathy is still at UCLA, working half-time for a firm of bankruptcy lawyers, a job she can keep when she graduates in case nothing else comes along. Remember the old days when college seniors were wooed by companies? She’s applied to the Los Angeles Police Department, and I guess I hope she fails the physical. The pay is good but I’m not sure my nerves could deal with it.

Jenny braved the summer weather and worked in Dallas to begin research for the senior thesis, which she finished just last week. She drove home for the holidays, arriving home late last night. We were up a good part of the night, filling each other in on the latest in our now disparate worlds. While home, she’ll get a chance to see friends, eat somebody else’s cooking and make us all giggle at her “y’all.” We’re looking forward to a trip to UD in mid-May for her commencement; in the fall she’ll begin graduate work in history, with Vanderbilt in Nashville currently her first choice.

Brian has enjoyed college life at UC San Diego, where he says he is majoring in engineering physics but all we hear about are the basketball, 6-hour hearts tournaments, beach trips and jamming with other musicians. Might be wise to demand a grade report. His leaving was a real wrench for David — they’ve been buddies for a long time.

David’s coping well as an only child with two parents to go to back-to-school night, parent-teacher conferences, and soccer games, and spending time just “hanging out” with our new (old) Vizsla, Zandor (rescued from a kennel last Christmas). David’s soccer team has had a winning year (13-1), and he’ll be playing center forward in post-season tournaments as well as for the All-Stars.

Larry continues at Litton Aero Products with a contract extended through May 31. He’s still working on inertial navigation systems for several European airlines, and wishes they’d fly him over there to personally install a system. His commute time is only 20 minutes, so that’s a real plus, especially working six-day weeks. Being employed in these recessionary times is a real plus, too.

I’m still hoping to graduate from teaching adolescents, but there’s nothing on the horizon yet. I’m trying to learn to keep house for three, but I can’t figure out how to keep the milk from going bad and the bread and cheese from turning green. Eternity is three people and the remains of the Thanksgiving turkey!

We still dream of Europe, but content ourselves with mini-vacations to Palm Springs, Death Valley, camping at Morro Bay for a family reunion and a week in Oceanside. Death Valley in the spring rain was just beautiful and an absorbing geology lesson. In August we read, slept, swam and cooked on the beach in Oceanside and did all the usual touristy things in San Diego, returning to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and get Brian off to school.

May 1992 find you all well, happy and prosperous!