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This is our family's website. Mary has retired from teaching at CSUN, and a separate site that hosted students' class material is now inactive.

How I Found My Father, Regis J. Sullivan (1914 - 1989)

From birth until 1997, I believed that my father was Bob Nowka (1919 - 1999). After he failed a paternity test, I thought the chances of finding my real father were nil. But on October 29, 2015, with the help of, I discovered my father's identity. I have written a detailed description of this intriguing and fascinating odyssey.

Site Content

  • christmas: Our family's Christmas photo cards going back to 1978, and Christmas letters since 1997. We wrote our first letter back in 1977, when we were living in England; I've managed to locate almost all of them since then. They provide a window into our past, and remind us of things otherwise forgotten. The cards reveal the growth of our kids and grandkids and aging of their parents.

  • galleries: Photos and slide shows. View a slide show that includes our lovely 2007 granddaughters Lucie and Tori.

  • weddings: A link to Cathy and Kirk's wedding website along with information on Brian and Marion's December 2004 wedding, and the unusual story of their meeting in Africa. Photos of our four grandchildren also grace this page. Cathy and Kirk broke up in late 2010 and their divorce was final in late December 2011.

  • contact us: A simple form enabling anyone to contact Mary and me directly.